First Global Data created a mobile financial services platform that helps people manage money easier.

Welcome To Our Company

First Global Data (“FGD” or “First Global”) is an international payments company whose services are designed primarily for the under-banked markets. Our primary services include Money Transfers (Remittances), Mobile and Online Payments, and Mobile and Online Banking. First Global’s network spans 97 countries, with the expansion to 112 countries expected by the end of 2014 and more than 54,000 distribution and payout locations globally. We are integrated with over 200 banks. First Global’s objective is to be 1 of the top 2 online money remittance companies and the leading provider of ubiquitous mobile money payment solutions around the world.

First Global Data's mission is to deliver innovative accessible finacial services which empower our customers to better the lives of their loved ones around the world. We will achieve this through continuous fine tuning of our technology by excelling in business smart complinace and by creating excellent customer experiences.

First Global Data will achieve international recognition and success as one of the premier companies in the non bank financial services industry within the next 5 years.